Benington Lordship Gardens

Snowdrops Info

The gardens are famous for the huge drifts of naturalised Snowdrops that cover most of the moat
and the grounds around the Norman castle and house in February & March - please read more
about the Snowdrops Event at Benington Lordship.

Once overgrown, the moat is now carefully managed so the Snowdrops can thrive. The grass is allowed to grow and not cut until late in the summer once the bulb foliage has died. In the autumn the thick carpet of Sycamore leaves is cleared and composted. The tall Sycamores provide an ideal habitat providing essential shade during hot summer months.

Two species make up the spectacular display, single Snowdrops Galanthus nivalis, and doubles, Galanthus nivalis "flore pleno". More varieties can be found scattered around the garden, a small collection of different varieties was planted around the fruit trees by the Swimming Pool in the early 1990's.

With the number of varieties increasing every year more room was needed, most of the named varieties are now growing as a labelled collection in the mature shrub borders of the Walled Garden. New borders are being created to allow further expansion and planted with winter interest plants
such as Cornus and Helleborus.

Although there are many hundreds of named varieties many show little variation without close inspection, the Pool area is planted with mainly distinctive plants like Galanthus "Mighty Atom" notable for huge flowers up to two inches across, and the very dainty Galanthus gracilis "Highdown" which has blue tinted twisted leaves and small finely marked flowers.

Over 200 named varieties now grow around the garden; many are easily overlooked amongst the masses but worth looking for, recently an unusual yellow form of G. nivalis was found growing near the ruin. A photo gallery showing many of our varieties and can be seen here

A list of many of our named varieties growing in the gardens is below.

Plant Sales 2014: Single and double snowdrops plus a limited number of named varieties and will be available starting Sat 8th Feb, Sales will be on a first come, first served basis and we regret that we are unable to take postal orders, payment by Cash or Cheque only, we do not have card facilities, Hellebores will also be for sale. We are always interested in swaps for something we don't have. Please contact us by email .


attributable to species
unattributable to species






G. allenii

G. alpinus var bortkewitschianus

G. angustifolius

G. cilicicus

G. elwesii
G. elwesii var monostictus
G. elwesii "Barnes"
G. elwesii "Bill Baker's Early"
G. elwesii "Bill Baker's Large"
G. elwesii "Cedric's Prolific"
G. elwesii "Comet"
G. elwesii "Daphne's Scissors"
G. elwesii "David Shackleton"
G. elwesii "Elmley Lovett"
G. elwesii "Grumpy"
G. elwesii "Marjorie Brown"
G. elwesii "Mrs Mcnamara"
G. elwesii "Sickle"

G. gracilis "Highdown"
G. gracilis "Ex Glen Chantry"
G. gracilis "Ex Wisley"
G. gracilis "Light Ovary"
G. ikariae

G. lagodechianus

G. nivalis
G. nivalis "Anglesey Abbey"
G. nivalis "April Fool"
G. nivalis "Bitton"
G. nivalis "Blewbury Tart"
G. nivalis "Doncaster's Double Chermer"
G. nivalis "Flore Pleno"
G. nivalis "Greenish"
G. nivalis "Green tipped"
G. nivalis "Hambutt's Orchard"
G. nivalis "Lady Elphinstone"
G. nivalis "Olive"
G. nivalis -Poculiformis
G. nivalis "Pusey Green Tips"
G. nivalis "Sharlockii"
G. nivalis "Virescens"
G. nivalis "Viridapice"
G. peshmenii

G. plicatus "Augustus"
G. plicatus "Baxendale's Late"
G. plicatus "Colossus"
G. plicatus "Gerard Parker"
G. plicatus "Lambrook Greensleeves"
G. plicatus "Madelaine"
G. plicatus "Percy Picton"
g. plicatus "Three Ships"
G. plicatus "Upcher"
G. plicatus "Washfield Warham"
G. plicatus x byzantinus ex Warham
G. plicatus subsp. byzantinus

G. reginae-olgae
G. reginae-olgae -subsp vernalis
G. reginae-olgae "Lefki"
G. reginae-olgae "Tile Barn Jamie"

G. rizehensis

G.x valentinei

G. woronowii

G. "G71"
G. "Atkinsii"
G. "Armine"
G. "Babraham Scented"
G. "Barbara's Double"
G. "Baylham"
G. "Bertram Anderson"
G. "ex Bill Baker"
G. "Blewbury"
G. "Bess"
G. "Bill Bishop"
G. "Blaris"
G. "Brenda Troyle"
G. "Brian Matthews"
G. "Carpentry Shop"
G. "Clair Blakeway phillips"
G. "Cowhouse Green"
G. "Curly"
G. "Cordelia"
G. "Dionysus"
G. "Falkland House"
G. "Fenstead End"
G. "Fieldgate Allegro"
G. "Fieldgate Prelude"
G. "Fieldgate Superb"
G. "Finchale Abbey"
G. "Forge Double"
G. "Galatea"
G. "George Elwes"
G. "Ginn's Imperati"
G. "Greenfields"
G. "Green Necklace"
G. "Hadden's Tiny"
G. "Hans Guck in die Luft"
G. "Headbourne"
G. "Heffalump"
G. "Hill Poe"
G. "Hippolyta"
G. "Imbolc"
G. "Ivy Cottage Corporal"
G. "Jaquenetta"
G. "James Backhouse"
G. "John Gray"
G. "Ketton"
G. "Kingston Double"
G. "Kite"
G. "Lady Beatrix Stanley"
G. "Lavinia"
G. "Lapwing"
G. "Limetree"
G. "Long Drop"
G. "Lyn"
G. "Little John"
G. "Magnet"
G. "Melanie Broughton"
G. "Merlin"
G. "Mighty Atom"
G. "Modern Art"
G. "Nerissa"
G. "Nothing Special"
G. "Mrs Thompson"
G. "Mrs Backhouse No. 12"
G. "Natalie Garton"
G. "Neill Fraser"
G. "Ophelia"
G. "Peardrop"
G. "Reverand Hailstone"
G. "Richard Ayres"
G. "Roger's Rough"
G. "Robin Hood"
G. "Rodmartin"
G. "Sally Pasmore"
G. "S.Arnott"
G. "Seagull"
G. "Shepton Merlin"
G. "Sibbersoft Magnet"
G. "St.Anne's"
G. "Straffan"
G. "Sutton Courtenay"
G. "Sybil Roberta"
G. "The Pearl"
G. "Three Ships"
G. "Tiny Tim"
G. "Titania"
G. "Trotters Merlin"
G. "Trym"
G. "Tubby Merlin"
G. "Washfield Colesbourne"
G. "Washfield Merlin"