Benington Lordship Gardens

Gardener's Diary - May 2011

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Despite the continued long dry spell the Herbaceous Borders put on a good show at the end of the month, by the end of May most of the border has been staked, some watering was needed and it all needs dead heading several times a week. Long grass cutting has just started which has been much easier due to very little growth since March. Most of the vegetables have been planted despite a few slight frosts & there will be successional sowings for the rest of the summer.

Nature Notes A record number of 3 pairs of Barn Owls are nesting on the estate this year, one box was found to be occupied by the Mandarin ducks which fledged successfully at the end of the month. Several pairs of Spotted Flycatchers are nesting, a single Turtle Dove was heard and several Hobby were seen. Two Bee Orchid spikes have reappeared in the grass around the bottom pond.

The photos below are of a Spotted Flycatcher, Bee Orchid, Herbaceous border & Rose Garden